FTO Lucky Chango is roasted in small batches in Minnesota. We source from small farm communities in Latin America. From farm to table.

How is Lucky Chango Specialty Coffee different? From farm to table.

[highlight]Lucky Chango is a way of living. A lifestyle that reflects your love for great coffee, freshness, people and the planet. From farm to table[/highlight]

Our master roaster is busy crafting an awesome and delicious Specialty Coffee; our farm to table coffee embodies the values you live by and are proud of:

Certified Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffee; a process that ensures the coffee is harvested by indigenous families that are treated with respect and that follow sustainable and fair trade practices. Farmers strive to protect the environment where they live through responsible water management practices, application of organic fertilizer, and shade grown farming.

Farmer financing and full product trace-ability. Small farmers get the support they need to maximize their return on their work and provide the highest quality of coffee beans.

  • Premium 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Locally Roasted, ensuring the freshest coffee from the coffee farms to your coffee mug.
  • FTO Coffee Beans from Central and South America

It is estimated, that there are 150 million Americans that drink coffee in a daily basis. Join us and continue making a difference everyday.


All coffee beans used grown are backed up by sustainable product labeling programs – Fair Trade, The Rainforest Alliance, Organic – as the coffee farmers cooperatives receive pre-finance, technical assistance and market training.

  • Great coffee beans, put in simple words:
  • spectacular coffee
  • responsibly grown
  • carefully sourced
  • reasonably priced



Peru balances the second half of the year with fresh coffee from the Southern Hemisphere. Considering the origin’s outright size, abundance of altitude and solid growing conditions, Specialty’s relationship with Peru is underdeveloped and leans heavily on volume-based supply of clean cupping and sustainable certified production.

Peruvian coffee is sourced from Chanchamayo and Jaen, covering the central and northern growing regions, respectively. Each represents a distinct maturation time and quality.


Cooperatives in Chiapas receive harvest financing and technical support.

Coffee keeps through the year, and shiny new equipment means tight preparations and consistent delivery even late in the season. Mexican coffee is back.

Having a local team also means having greater access to small producer groups. We’ve been able to build the sustainable supply base through direct investment, harvest financing and technical support for a handful of cooperatives in Chiapas. It’s a successful model that we’re hoping to replicate elsewhere.


The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. Our Nicaraguan estate relationships are strong and represent the best of what Central America can offer in terms of conservation, cultivation, processing and a consistent quality profile. Outside of estates, cooperatives maintain a major presence and we partner with a few of the best to provide Fair Trade and Fair Trade Organic to roasters in the US, Canada and Europe.


FRESH. LOCAL. All coffee is locally roasted. Always in small batches to guarantee freshness consistently delivered every time. Each batch is hand roasted in small batches to accentuate individual nuances before blending.

We are proud to announce:

“You can order your finest locally roasted coffee with confidence. We bring you not just coffee; but a unique coffee experience you can be part of: taste and smells delicious, builds community, sustainable, empowers small coffee pickers and small cooperatives to attain a better standard of living ….always Fair Trade Certified and Organic Certified”.

Where to begin? try any premium coffee you identify the most with, then we invite you to explore other flavors and start a journey around the world right from your kitchen, office or your car.

When you take the first sip in, close your eyes and feel the greatness to continue empowering people to live a decent live somewhere where it is much needed.

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